Apple Edge Employee Banking

Want to attract the best employees? Provide great perks like this one.

Banking benefits for your employees
Add to your HR benefits package at no cost
Free employee checking with hundreds of dollars in savings and benefits
Preferred rates on select savings, CDs and money markets
We make onsite visits to help employees sign up

Help your employees while helping your business.


You're always looking for the best employees to keep your organization growing. Your benefits package is a significant factor when candidates weigh job options, so enhance yours by offering Apple Edge Employee Banking Benefits. Enjoy the convenience and safety of knowing that your payroll has been automatically transferred and deposited into employees’ accounts, when they sign up for direct deposit. Our direct deposit service eliminates costly and time-consuming issues, such as lost and replacement checks and stop payments.

With our New York bank-at-work program, your employees will receive a host of free services, plus a $100 bonus with direct deposit of their paycheck, preferred rates on select savings products and more! Apple Edge benefits include:

  • Free Apple Edge NOW Checking® account with no minimum balance or monthly maintenance fee.
  • $100 bonus when employees set up Direct Deposit of their paycheck.*
  • Free Apple Bank Visa® debit card, with no fees for use at Apple ATMs.
  • Four free ATM withdrawals at non-Apple Bank ATMs during each checking statement period.**
  • Free Online Banking with Bill Pay and Free Mobile Banking.***
  • Free initial order of 100 personalized checks.
  • Preferred rates of 0.25% over posted rates on select savings, money market and CD accounts.
  • Free one-year rental on select size safe deposit box (subject to availability).
  • No fee on purchase of regular American Express® Traveler’s Cheques.
  • Savings up to $550 towards closing costs on residential mortgages, co-op loans, and refinances.****
  • Speak to your Apple banker or call the Apple Edge Hotline at 1-800-889-6554 to learn more.

Apple Edge NOW Checking account is required to qualify for this program.
*Your new account will be credited with $100 after Bank verification that your established account did receive direct deposit within 60 days of account opening. The $100 gift will be reported to you as interest on IRS Form 1099 for the calendar year in which the gift is received. This information will be filed with the IRS. This offer may be withdrawn without prior notice.
**ATM operator may impose a surcharge fee.
***Data fees from your mobile carrier may apply.
****Loan products are offered through a third party lender that advertises with us and are subject to credit and underwriting approval. Ask a representative for details.