Value of Our Solutions

Our offers can provide hundreds of dollars in savings and benefits.

More time and money for your business.


We believe you should spend your time and money on building your business – not worrying about checking maintenance fees. That’s why we offer free business checking with unlimited transactions. If you’re a new business customer, we’ll welcome you with a free first order of business checks and “buy back” your checks and business debit card from your prior bank. And if you become a member of our Apple Edge Employee Banking Benefits program, you’ll increase retention of valued employees with great benefits and savings.

See how our special offers can provide hundreds of dollars in savings and benefits.

Product Offer Savings and/or Benefits

Totally Free SupremeValue Business Checking

  • Just $100 to open account
  • Unlimited transactions
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • No per check charge

Most greater NY area banks have minimum balance or other requirements to receive free business checking. Many have limits on free transactions. If their requirements are not met, monthly maintenance fees and fees for transactions over the limit could add up to hundreds of dollars in costs to your business annually.

FREE IntroPak Check Offer for New Checking Accounts*

FREE IntroPak of 150 business checks with deposit tickets, stamp and cover.

$100 Value*

Checkbook and Debit Card Buyback Offer for New Checking Accounts**

Earn $10 when you bring us your unused business checks from your prior bank and another $10 for your prior bank Business Debit Card.

$20 Cash Back

Apple Edge Employee Banking Benefits*** (Bank at Work)

Participate in Apple Edge and offer your employees significant benefits through the program, which can help you retain valuable employees.

Up to $961 in employee benefits/savings, depending on individual situation

Visa® Business Credit Cards****

Become a card member and enjoy a wide range of benefits.

Competitive introductory rates

Choice of rewards programs


*Free IntroPak check offer: Sales tax and delivery charge apply.

**Cash back offer(s) will be considered interest earned on your checking account for the year in which it was received and it will be reported to the IRS as taxable income for that calendar year. Offers for new accounts and new money only. Offers may be discontinued at any time by Apple Bank without prior notice.

***Apple Edge NOW Checking® account is required to qualify for this program.

***Assumptions for Apple Edge benefits savings of up to $961 include: $120 annualized savings with no checking account $10 monthly maintenance fee, $30 savings with free first order of personalized checks, $100 bonus with direct deposit of paycheck into Apple Edge NOW Checking® account, up to $550 savings toward residential mortgage and co-op loan closing costs, four free non-Apple ATM transactions each month to equal $96 in annualized savings, $50 savings on free one-year rental of smallest size safe deposit box, and $15 savings with no fee on purchase of $1,000 of regular American Express® Traveler’s Cheques. Savings benefit example is for illustration only. Individual situations may vary and savings may be more or less than indicated.

***Apple Edge Direct Deposit Bonus: Your new account will be credited with $100 after Bank verification that your established account did receive direct deposit within 60 days of account opening. The $100 gift will be reported to you as interest on IRS Form 1099 for the calendar year in which the gift is received. This information will be filed with the IRS. This offer may be withdrawn without prior notice.

***Apple Edge Four Free Non-Apple ATM Transactions Each Month: ATM machine operator may impose a surcharge fee.

***Apple Edge Savings on Loan Closing Costs: Loan products are offered through a third party provider that advertises with us and are subject to credit and underwriting approval. Ask a representative for details.

****©2016 Cards are issued by First Bankcard, a division of First National Bank of Omaha. Complete details, including restrictions, limitations and exclusions, will be available when you become a Card member. First Bankcard, a division of First National Bank of Omaha, reserves the right to change the account terms should your credit profile change or for other reasons described in the “Terms and Conditions”.